The Pete Chavelle Diaries

Bank holiday drawl – Some imagachology

Sometimes I can write anything but what I am supposed to.  At the moment there are a few things I’ve got to do, but I keep getting distracted by ideas that seem far more interesting at any given time.  It’s part of the whole procrastination thing, but there is more going on.  It’s partly that of course, but maybe the need to do a specific task sparks my general creativity.  I know how bullshit that sounds – and don’t expect much on the musing inspiration thing, this is about psychology.  Alright, not quite scientifically researched theory either (I have even less time for that) but maybe some self reflective, introspection into how I work, which is what this blog is about.  I suppose that won’t always make it good reading, but my aim is more about writing and any enjoyment is purely accidental.  So there will be side tracks.  So…

In my psymaginary / imagochology, I reckon that some centre in my brain is stimulated by a pressure to create / write / do – it leads to a work ethic, but one that lacks any systematic organisations.  I love mind maps, but think that even with their non-hierachical bursts of idea are a little too neat sometimes.  An idea would look more like Mr Messy caught up on a wild rose bush.  When that need to create is triggered, at whatever point it comes, tendrils of electricity fire off in all directions, uncontrollable, powerful, and so incredibly beautiful.   Many of the sparks fade into nothing, but others germinate, grow, travel round and through some unusual places.  Some get lodged and stuck for years and others fight to get out immediately.  Chavelle got stuck and battled for quite some time and nearly shut me down (perhaps firing all that electricity is dangerous in such an inclosed spaces) even though I abandoned the project ideas still echo about and come in useful from time to time.  Maybe the side track projects, the procrastojections are the ones that really matter and it doesn’t really matter how I end up getting to them.

A list (really a list[a cheesy list {for people who like lists(I like lists)}])

  • Pursue everything
  • Be interested
  • Talk…(lots)
  • Listen (and hear)
  • Never throw away a bad idea
  • Distraction is good
  • Make notes
  • Have fun
  • See, hear and do new things
  • Don’t agree with yourself
  • Get some sleep (insomnia isn’t romantic, its a pain in the arse)
  • Aim high, but enjoy the low
  • Don’t stop
  • Do
  • …and don’t worry about being cheesy, bad, similar to your heroes, false, sincere, funny, foolish, serious…just don’t be dull…

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